Monday, May 24, 2010

High School Heroes: Sensational Super Six

The High School Heroes series continues this week with its fourth installment. Please meet the Sensational Super Six! The SS6 were my resident super-team. These are the characters I changed the most drastically when re-imagining them for this series. I even went so far as dropping two members from the original six (ones that I found entirely boring and pointless now) and replacing them with two of what had been my lower-tier solo characters who seemed in retrospect to be better served rounding out a team than running around on their own. You don't need me to explain to you that these characters were my answer to both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Enjoy!


In most of this series, I've provided scans of art from the original comics these old characters appeared in. Unfortunately, I don't a good group shot of the Sensational Super Six that was easily accessible for this. They weren't especially frequently used.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jenn & Bueno: Farewell to LOST

Lucky you, here's a second, bonus update this week! (The "High School Heroes" series will resume with next Monday's regular post).

Even though I was a late convert to the show (thank God for DVDs), it's hard for me to believe that
LOST actually comes to an end this Sunday! I couldn't resist a quick (and ridiculous) Jenn & Bueno tribute in honor of the occasion. Enjoy!


Monday, May 17, 2010

High School Heroes: Kickin' Fightin' Chicken

The High School Heroes series continues this week with KFC: Kickin' Fightin' Chicken! "KFC" was just a throwaway joke that turned up in one of my high school doodle notebooks. He ended up taking on a life of his own, making sporadic appearances in comics over the next two or three years. Many of my superhero characters were loose parodies of "real" superheroes. I think KFC, while looking like Rambo, came to be a sort of "Punisher" parody. Enjoy!


And here is a sample of how KFC appeared back in the old days!

Monday, May 10, 2010

High School Heroes: Captain Noose!

The High School Heroes series continues this week with Captain Noose! Captain Noose is almost certainly the weirdest and silliest of all the superheroes I ever created (which is saying a lot). I don't know what I can say that isn't explained in the art itself! Enjoy!


And here is a sample of how Captain Noose appeared back in the old days!

Monday, May 03, 2010

High School Heroes: The Mighty Mr. Nice Guy!

This week I'm beginning a new series of posts called "High School Heroes".
In my high school and early college days, I drew comics non-stop. My comics were not typically superhero comics. They were humor-based, revolving around the zany citizens of Moundsville.

Though they weren't the focus, there were a few superhero types inhabiting the city.

Even my superheroes were not to be taken seriously. They were spoofs of the genre, sort of like in The Tick. In some cases this worked okay. In others, they were cheesier even than they were meant to be.

So this new series of illustrations revisits those cheesy superhero characters. I've updated them for the new age! I'll be posting them here over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy being introduced to them as much as I enjoyed revisiting them!


And here is a sample of how Mr. Nice Guy appeared back in the old days!

And one potentially good side-effect of this whole's kind of made me want to revisit Moundsville in more depth...what may come of this? :-)