Monday, August 20, 2012

Commission: Rapunzel Masked

Definitely one of the more unusual requests I've been commissioned to do in recent history: Disney's Rapunzel wearing The Mask (of Dark Horse Comics and Jim Carrey movie fame), taunting Eu--er--Flynn. Enjoy!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Jenn & Bueno: Caldwell & Montgomery Edition

Taking a break from my own art with this post to, once again, showcase some of the most recent Jenn & Bueno commissions I've received. It's a real shame that the first Jenn & Bueno art I've posted in AGES was not even drawn by me...although I did color each of these does that count at all? Enjoy!

(As always, when I commission a J&B piece, I leave every detail of it up to the artist in question, so these visions are purely theirs. And I love them.)

First up, we have Jenn & Bueno by the illustrious Ben Caldwell. I love the humor in the piece--and the fact that he threw in a cameo by several DC superheroines!

And the colors I added to it:

Next, we have Jenn & Bueno by Lauren Montgomery. Her choosing to depict Bueno as a plush toy set me to thinking...what if Jenn & Bueno is really a "Calvin & Hobbes" type situation, and Jenn just never grew out of it? Creepy....