Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Header Art

As I continue to tweak the new layout, I've obviously added an all-new header with a super-dooper-snazzy illustration of Bueno blogging away at his computer. And it's just your good fortune that I've decided to post the original art (and original pencil prelim) here in their own separate post. Enjoy!

The New Layout....Finally.

Ever since I launched this blog way back in February, I have intended to get around to customizing the layout of the page. Tonight I finally got around to that.

I'm still figuring this out as I go along, and I'm sure there will probably be more tweaks and changes to follow, but what we see now is at least a lot of progress! Please feel free to weigh in your opinion on how this layout works for you. If there are any problems, or if you just think it's plain ugly, I'll be more than happy to try to resolve that as I continue tweaking.

No new art to post tonight. Come on, what do you want from me?!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fatback & Skinny McLean Doodles

Given that Fatback & Skinny McLean are mere stick-men, they are more fun to see as part of a silly story than in stand-alone drawings. And plain, sketchy doodles of them make a rather bland excuse for eye candy indeed! But they're the duo I've been brainstorming with lately, so they're the ones who've been in the most doodles the past couple of days. So here, for your enjoyment or apathy, is a small sampling of the latest Faback & Skinny doodles in all their simplicity.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Slightly Knightly: Part 2

I decided to tackle another of the the three Keira Knightly photos from the recent Jam over on the Drawing Board (I warned you there might be more!). This one, obviously, I left in sketch form and didn't clean up as much as the previous one. And I think the likeness is even less here than in round one...but again, I was going more for capturing the feel of the picture than the likeness of the model. All in all, a fun exercise whether or not it was successful. I may even try my hand at the third and final picture before all is said and done, but that remains to be seen.

Plain ol' non-colored sketch.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Slightly Knightly

The latest Drawing Jam on the Drawing Board features actress Keira Knightly as its subject. I haven't participated in one of the Drawing Jams in a few months, and this one had some interesting pictures to go by, so I thought I'd join in. As always, my inability to capture likeness is in full force here. But it was fun just to create a drawing inspired by the picture anyway. I may possibly try my hand at either of the other two reference pictures from this jam as well...we shall see.

And the pencil prelims as usual.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Still More Grouper Fish Commish

Here are a couple more commissions of the Grouper Fish mascot as first seen a few posts back.

The "animated" fish was to make an appearance at the bottom of the screen during a video presentation (similar to the animated promotional graphics that will pop up from time to time when you're watching a TV show). The one pictured here was a rough test I did. A cleaner, high-res one was used in the actual finished product.

In the "Devil vs. Grouper" piece, I was hopefully going for the look of one of those devil boxing puppets.

Also, you may notice the fish is now blue, as opposed to the reddish version I last posted. That's the color that ended up being finally approved. Here's a re-post of the original image in its new hue.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kings and Sleuths of the Primate Variety

There's a monkey jam going on over at the Drawing Board, and I had to join in the fun!

First we have King Kong smacking around a T-Rex, as he's prone to do on occasion.

Next we have the intrepid secret agent, Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp! I used to love to watch that
show when I was a little kid and the old repeats would sometimes come on. (If you've never heard of it, it was a live action show from the 60's, star
ring real chimps...quite corny as I remember).

And just for fun, here are the sketches as their original, uncolored form:

I have a couple of other possible monkey-themed sketches in the works. Assuming I get around to finishing them, the Blog-O! may see some more monkey business in the near future.

Monday, September 04, 2006

So Long, Steve Irwin.

I was one of the many who were saddened by today's news that Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin had been killed. The man's enthusiam for what he did was infectious, and his theatrics were always entertaining to watch. Not to mention the impact he had in the field of zoology and other related fields (and the recognition he brought to it). I feel especially sad for his wife and two young kids. He'll be missed!

In addition to the new sketch above, I thought I'd post an old comic strip I did in which "Steve" made an appearance. This comes from back in 2002, when I attempted a very short-lived online comic strip featuring and named after "The Cat
The strip (which came from a series in which The Cat was finding a variety of increasingly unlucky lucky charms) is some four years old now, so I'm quite embarrassed by pretty much every aspect of it by today's standards. But I'll post it anyway. Please forgive the quality.

And as a bonus, here's a clip of Steve on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien". This clip is actually not one of the best appearances I remember Steve making on that show, but it's the only one I could find a clip of. Enjoy!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Roaring Twenties

Did this for the "Roaring Twenties" girls jam on the Drawing Board. This one was a lot of fun since the style I chose was a bit of a departure from the norm for me. It was especially fun creating the aged and tattered look. Hopefully it all turned okay! (And yes, I do apologize that the whole thing revolves around a corny pun...they're so hard to resist sometimes...)

And here are the pencil prelims, pieced together from two separate sketches.