Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Showtime!

One more post for Halloween! I loved the Beetlejuice cartoon as a kid (or as an adolescent, which probably more accurately describes where I was back then). I actually liked it more than I ever liked the movie. So when I saw the movie on TV the other night...I had to do some cartoon fan art. One which is fairly on-model with the cartoon, and one featuring a slightly older version of Lydia (which was born out of my doodles in prep for the other piece, and I decided to finish it as well). Enjoy, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


In the original sketches below, note how TINY Lydia is next to Beetlejuice!
How did I not
notice that until after I scanned it in???
Probably because I hadn't seen the cartoon in years, but really?
THAT tiny and I didn't notice?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Jenn & Bueno: Witch Way Did He Go?

Here's this year's Jenn & Bueno Halloween art. Instead of the "Jenn and Bueno dressed in costumes" theme I usually use, this time I thought I'd just depict them in a fictional Halloween scenario as actual Halloween-y characters. At any rate, now she knows why most witches have cats. Enjoy!


And here's a little bonus for you...this past weekend I attended a Halloween party, and here are a few pictures of my costume. Astute Studio Blog-O followers might remember a reference to me as Marty McFly last year, but that was just one I threw together on the fly (on the McFly?), thinking I might get to use it and I ended up not getting to. This year some thought went into it, and it got used. NEXT year I'll do something different. (Oh, and trivia? The family dog seen in the picture is Einstein, yes, named after Doc's dog in the movies. Wrong breed, but at least he finally got to pretend to be his namesake here in his old age.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Original Character Meme

This is an Original Character Meme, the original of which was found on deviantart. I had a ton of fun doing this, visiting and revisiting my characters, past and present. It makes me want to do comics again! (Which is something I really should get more serious about).

I followed the rules and picked out and numbered the characters before reading the questions...and I think the scenarios played nicely into the characters personalities in many cases. Enjoy!


Since I don't do comics very often, here is a little background info on each of the characters I selected, just in case anyone's curious:

1-3: Drew, Jennifer and Bueno: Anyone who's visited my gallery even a few times, should recognize these already. Jenn & Bueno are my current trademark characters who are the focus of most of the illustrations I do these days, and they, along with Drew often appear in the "Heydaze" short comics I do very, very sporadically.

4. Cheer, a.k.a, Shia LaPeoufytail: A somewhat sullen squirrel I used to occasionally doodle in high school, and in recent months he's very unexpectedly turned up in a few Jenn & Bueno illos (his first appearance being in a spoof as "Shia LaPeoufytail"). So I thought he deserved a spot of the list.

5. Fatback & Skinny McLean: I did regular comics with Fataback & Skinny for several years, beginning in high school. Quite simply put, they're just a violent pair of dimwitted stickmen. They've been on a bit of hiatus for the past couple of years, but they still have a special place in my heart and may well see the light of day again on a regular basis somewhere down the road.

6. The Cat: One of my main characters in my high school and early college days. A wacky, cheerful-yet-stupid cat.

7. Grandpa Cat: The cat's grandpa, whom he lives with.

8. Heidi: Heidi has had a few incarnations, beginning in the high school days. In her current incarnation, I see her as Drew's sister and Jennifer's roommate (with whom she often clashes). But since I don't do comics, you don't really get to see that...yet, anyway. Heidi's also in a band.

9. Professor Buck Buckum: He is actually a new character that has yet to be used in comics, but he's turned up in may of my doodling and brainstorm sessions. Simply put: an evil, but somewhat incompetent mad scientist...his goals lack any real vision, and are often just an elaborate attempt to create a shortcut to some temporary need or desire of his at the expense of anyone unlucky enough to be in the way.

10. Beef: Another of the old high school characters. A rare, often though mythical, creature known as a bear-monkey. Beef is about as cool and laid-back as they come. And fiercely loyal.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Park People Sketches

These are sketches I did several weeks ago of a couple of interesting characters I regularly observed at the park when I'd walk there this summer. The guy who watched videos on his PSP while walking, and the always-shirtless dude who walked laps while playing a guitar. (The sketches were done from memory after the fact, not while actually at the park). Enjoy!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Heydaze: The Wrong Movie

First off, allow me to address that I've been having some problems with the server for my website a result, the images for almost the entire archive of my blog are currently missing. I apologize for the inconvenience, particularly to any first time visitors who wanted to browse. If you're one of those, check out my deviantart gallery in the meantime (new posts to this blog won't be affected). I'll try to have the problems fixed before too terribly long...I hope!

Now for this week's new update: Here's one of my very rarely produced Heydaze comics. It's very, very enjoy! (And there's actually an additional new blog update this week so please scroll down below and be sure not to miss that one!)


This comic is either a sequel to or a remake of this four year-old
Heydaze comic.

Also, just in the interest of self-promotion, I have the first ever Studio Bueno sponsored contest going over on my deviantart page. Details can be found in the journal entry on the main page.

Jenn & Bueno: Goobeetsafied!

I recently had the good fortune to do an art trade with Goobeetsa! You saw my half of the deal in last week's post, so now let me show you what I got in return: A very excellent Goobeetsa interpretation of Jennifer & Bueno!

As an added an unexpected bonus, Goobeetsa's wife, TheSweetestPea, created the world's very first plush Bueno doll! I believe this may possibly be the coolest thing ever in history, and upon seeing it, I think you'll be forced to agree.

Many thanks to Brian and Jen for these awesome pieces of art!

And as long as we're on the subject of Jenn & Bueno fan art and commissions, the talented MissLeo of deviantart was offering $5 commissions recently, so I took the opportunity to see her interpretation of Jenn & Bueno. Below is her black and white version, along with some colors that I added myself with permission. Enjoy!