Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Heydaze: The Wrong Movie

First off, allow me to address that I've been having some problems with the server for my website lately...as a result, the images for almost the entire archive of my blog are currently missing. I apologize for the inconvenience, particularly to any first time visitors who wanted to browse. If you're one of those, check out my deviantart gallery in the meantime (new posts to this blog won't be affected). I'll try to have the problems fixed before too terribly long...I hope!

Now for this week's new update: Here's one of my very rarely produced Heydaze comics. It's very, very silly....so enjoy! (And there's actually an additional new blog update this week so please scroll down below and be sure not to miss that one!)


This comic is either a sequel to or a remake of this four year-old
Heydaze comic.

Also, just in the interest of self-promotion, I have the first ever Studio Bueno sponsored contest going over on my deviantart page. Details can be found in the journal entry on the main page.


Anonymous said...

a classic suitable for framing
a contest....cool!

DICK! said...

Stinking, sweet!!! I love the Iron Man comic... anything sequential from you makes my year (cause that's about how often i get it) ZING! I can't wait for The Man in the Iron On Mask. I love contests... I want to do it. The stand #2 came out this week. and we'll be camping tomorrow night... so we won't be home. :(