Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...

...It's the Big Blue Boy Scout! I saw the Tuesday night advance screening of "Superman Returns" last night (thanks to Richard holding a place in line so we all could get our tickets). The movie is quite a fun ride! Therefore it only follows that I'd find myself sketching Superman the next day, right? Here's a fairly generic colored sketch of the Man of Steel for your viewing pleasures.

Though I loved the movie, I was a little disturbed by the fact that Supes actually used his powers to spy on Lois and her family at home. This led me to wonder what sort of deleted scenes we might find on the DVD.......and hence I did this ridiculous sketch...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Stop...Hammer Time!

...Or "Mallet Time" may be the more paraphrased-but-accurate dated pop culture reference. Here's a picture of Harley Quinn apparently getting the drop on Batman! You won't be surprised to hear that I did this one for a Harley Quinn character jam on the Drawing Board.
I just finished it, so I may be going back for some tweaking still, or I may not. Either way, here it is for now.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Earth is hot

Here is an all-too-rare piece of sequential art from yours truly. It falls under the "Heydaze" mantle, "Heydaze" being a concept of mine that has been kicking around for a while, but only rarely actually gets produced (as the meager collection on my website will attest).

This particular piece of cornball idiocy came to me when I read a headline online the other night. The same headline you see in the comic....and there you have it. Indisputable comic gold. (or indisputable crap, whichever you believe). And just because I like you, I've included the pencil prelims as a bonus.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Best There Is At What He Does...

Here's everyone's favorite mutant, Wolverine, aka Logan! Not surprisingly, these sketches were done for a Wolverine thread on the Drawing Board. Decided to slap some color on them, and here you go! Hey, look, kids! I'm actually drawing and posting on my blog again!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Drawing From Memory

My cousin, Stephen, requested I draw an illustration or two to go along with one of his short stories, Drawing From Memory, just for fun, as we haven't collaborated on anything since we were kids. This is what I came up with when doodling my ideas after reading it...a scene depicting the climax of the tale. Obviously I tried going for a look that was a bit different from my normal style, using the "sketchy" inks and such...and I'm not entirely convinced I like the results at all, especially not the clouds. Nevertheless, here it is....a re-do may or may not follow.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Parsnip Soup" videos...

No, still no actual ART posts, but I thought I'd share a couple of pointless videos my friends and I did a year and two ago. I'll spare you the full details behind them, but the basic story is that my friends Richard and Brian and I occasionally make the odd (and I do mean ODD) "comedy" video under the name "Parsnip Soup" (it's something we were taking more seriously a couple of years ago than we do now). Now that Richard has uploaded some of our old stuff to YouTube, I decided I'd share a couple of them with you here.

First, we have "Uh-Oh...Marriage!" which is a parody of the the old 50's instructional/propoganda films. Richard and I wrote, shot and edited this at the very last minute as a gift for Brian's bachelor party last year. In some respects, the "last minute" nature of it does indeed show, though hopefully it's still enjoyable.

Secondly, we have the "Parsnip Soup" opening roll-in, which is designed as a parody of cheesy sitcom openings.