Sunday, January 27, 2008

Danger Mouse and The Tick

For a thread on the Drawing Board based on heroes who are either inspired by animals or are actually anthropomorphic, I came up with these two contributions. Enjoy!

First we have that fearless British rodent, Danger Mouse an
d his ever-faithful sidekick, Penfold.

Next, we have everyone's favorite arachnid-based superhero.........The Tick! Spoooon!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Heydaze: What's the Scoop?

Well, here's the first Heydaze comic of the year. (That means you've got, what, about two more to look forward to in the next 11 months or so? Ha ha...sigh). Just a pointless little one-pager that was birthed when Katie and I began spouting off shovel puns one night. Enjoy!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Legal Pad Doodles

Several months ago I posted a smattering of some of the doodles that seem to appear in the legal pads I use at work. Recently I put together yet another sample of these wonderful masterpieces that filled the edges of the last few legal pads. Here, for your amazement and enjoyment, they are presented in their original yellow glory. (Or brown glory in the case of one of them, which is actually the back of one of the legal pads). All the doodles were done in ball point pen.
(Also, there's been a new dream journal post for those of you who look at that thing.)


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Georgia Aquarium 2

This weekend Katie and I went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was my second trip there (coincidentally almost exactly one year after the first). Last year I hijacked my blog with a few pictures upon my return. Once again, here is a sampling of a few of my favorite pictures from the most recent visit. Art-centric posts return soon! Enjoy...

The outside of the Aquarium and a Beluga Whale

Beluga whales again. The picture on the right was taken at feeding time, so that's why you they're heads are sticking up out of the water. They're getting stuffed with fish.

Japanese crabs on the left, and some starfish, etc. on the right.

"You otter be in pictures!"... This sea otter must be related to Linus Van Pelt, as it seemed to really enjoy sucking not only its thumb, but its whole fist!


Lots of fish on the left, and "garden eels" on the right. The latter were worm-like creatures that poked up out of the dirt. They reminded me of that little orange-striped wormpuppet that used to be on "Sesame Street".

Finally, a really crappy video clip I took with my digital camera of the garden eels. In case you didn't read the previous sentence, the video is really crappy.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Jenn & Bueno: Happy 2008

Looks like Jenn & Bueno rang in the new year with style. Who knew it was so easy to inebriate Bueno? A very happy new year to all of you!