Sunday, January 27, 2008

Danger Mouse and The Tick

For a thread on the Drawing Board based on heroes who are either inspired by animals or are actually anthropomorphic, I came up with these two contributions. Enjoy!

First we have that fearless British rodent, Danger Mouse an
d his ever-faithful sidekick, Penfold.

Next, we have everyone's favorite arachnid-based superhero.........The Tick! Spoooon!


DICK! said...

Very Nice, Drew! Two of my favorites from way back! I really like your Tick... He's wesome!

Goobeetsablog said...

both great.
but the first piece..."Explosive"

DICK! said...

your blog looks different. and it's freakin' me out. I... I... I'm s s s scarrred.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments, fellas.

Dick: Yes, the ol' blog looks different....I revamped the look of my homepage this week and decided to revamp the blog to match it. They're TWINS now!

Does it look okay? It's actually still freakin' me out a little too.