Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Legal Pad Doodles

Several months ago I posted a smattering of some of the doodles that seem to appear in the legal pads I use at work. Recently I put together yet another sample of these wonderful masterpieces that filled the edges of the last few legal pads. Here, for your amazement and enjoyment, they are presented in their original yellow glory. (Or brown glory in the case of one of them, which is actually the back of one of the legal pads). All the doodles were done in ball point pen.
(Also, there's been a new dream journal post for those of you who look at that thing.)



DICK! said...

I like them all! Esp the middle aged man at the bottom of page two and the creepy-a thing with the robe (?) on at the bottom of 3. nice.

Anonymous said...

super cool.
lots of good work
on these pages!

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Dick: Is the thing you speak of at the bottom of page 3 the one that looks vaguely like Scooter? Because I remember that one began as a doodle of Scooter (the Muppet) and quickly devolved into a doodle of some creepy thing instead when I realized that it didn't look enough like Scooter to even pass as a doodle of Scooter.

DICK! said...

that's the one!