Monday, February 04, 2008

Jenn & Bueno: Valentines 2008

You faithful followers (both of you) may remember that last year I did a set of Jennifer & Bueno Valentines, inspired by the whimsical, cartoon-and-pun-heavy cards kids pass around in elementary school. Well, this year they're back again with an all-new set of four! At the end of this post you'll see links to where you can download a printable template of all four cards in case you wanna disappoint anyone you know by actually giving them a greeting of my creation this year. Happy Valentine's Day (when it actually gets here later), and enjoy!


Here are the links to 150 dpi templates you can print, both a front
side and a back side:

Here are the pencil prelims for all of this:


Goobeetsablog said...

yes- I remember.
I love this years/last years
and the originals which they were inspired by-

I got less and less Valentine's
from the girls as I reached my awkward/dorky phase- still trying
to move from that one.

thanks for the heartache:(

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comment, Brian, I'm glad you like them.

I went through exactly what you did though--less and less cards from the girls the dorkier I got. (Of course at one point I went through the somewhat typical little boy phase of thinking, "Eww, romantic stuff is gross, why would I want a girl? Ewww!", so at least it didn't bother me as much then.

I grew out of that "Eww" phase quite quickly and thoroughly...but never out of the dorky one.

DICK! said...

Girls? Ewww.

DICK! said...

Nice designs, Drew. I wish I were you. Then I could draw too. Instead I eat stew. And I usually poo. Unless cheese I chew. Then it's hard to. That makes me blue. So true, so true.

Andrew said...

Dick: You've been chewin' SOMETHING, but I don't think it's cheese.