Monday, February 11, 2008

Curse You, Red Baron!

Here's Snoopy as the World War One Flying Ace, locked in his never-ending battle with the Red Baron. This was done for a thread on the Drawing Board with the theme, "War is Hell". Enjoy!



DICK! said...

It is EXTREMELY interesting to see your version of Schulz-y goodness. I like it a lot - it's a good homage whilst keeping your style!

Chris_Garrison said...

Awesome color on this!

I'm reading the Peanuts '50 - '52 edition, with all the very first strips in there. Snoopy's nowhere near the crazy fantasy phase yet, although his does show occasional signs of weirdness. He did a subtle Beethoven impression, anyway.

Andrew said...

Dick: Thanks, glad you like my take on him. It's amazing that I've never done any real Peanuts fan art given what a fan I am.

Chris: Thanks for commenting. I recently read the Peanuts '65-'66 volume, and Snoopy is in full fantasy form by then. There's tons of Flying Ace/Red Baron strips in that collection.