Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Drawing From Memory

My cousin, Stephen, requested I draw an illustration or two to go along with one of his short stories, Drawing From Memory, just for fun, as we haven't collaborated on anything since we were kids. This is what I came up with when doodling my ideas after reading it...a scene depicting the climax of the tale. Obviously I tried going for a look that was a bit different from my normal style, using the "sketchy" inks and such...and I'm not entirely convinced I like the results at all, especially not the clouds. Nevertheless, here it is....a re-do may or may not follow.


Stephen said...

I really like this dude! I dig the graininess and how the clouds are so low over their heads, almost pushing down on them; I think the B & W was perfect for that's really cool how the water ended up looking almost like blood, too.
Thanks for doing this! If you want to do anymore I'd love to see 'em...we should definitely collaborate further on this or some other stories if you would like to. As ELB said, and I slightly change, if you put your mindS to it you can accomplish anything.
Great job. I'm pumped!

Stephen said...

The crab was scurrying as fast as it could go out of the driftwood; Joel watched as Jeremy turned the crab over with the shovel, its long, spider-like legs kicking up like worms in the air, each at least 2 feet long it seemed to Joel at that moment. Jeremy drew the shovel up next to his head and jabbed the point down into the crab’s belly as its legs all kicked apart, heaving for sand, nerves firing, Daniel pushing Joel down again and sitting on his back, his eyes blinded, face falling down in the sand. The rain fell and Daniel pushed down on Joel’s skin, and Joel rolled out from under him and ran, stumbled, regained his balance and ran towards Peter and the crab. Peter screamed Jeremy to stop, and ran towards him as he raised the shovel up again, jabbing it into the center of the crab’s belly hard with the point of the shovel and twisting it inside until the legs stopped moving.

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Andrew said...

Thanks, Stephen, I'm glad you were happy with the way it turned out.

And thanks to Brian as well!