Monday, June 26, 2006

Stop...Hammer Time!

...Or "Mallet Time" may be the more paraphrased-but-accurate dated pop culture reference. Here's a picture of Harley Quinn apparently getting the drop on Batman! You won't be surprised to hear that I did this one for a Harley Quinn character jam on the Drawing Board.
I just finished it, so I may be going back for some tweaking still, or I may not. Either way, here it is for now.


Goobeetsablog said...

please tell me that they are at
a warehouse filled with oversized props ala the old Batman Tv Show?

nice action shot.
Batman is really going to get it.


Andrew said...

I'll do you one better...I didn't picture them being in a warehouse filled merely with oversized props in general...I pictured them being in a warehouse filled specifically with oversized mallets. Surely there's a company that specializes in that, right?

Thanks for the comments, glad you like!