Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kings and Sleuths of the Primate Variety

There's a monkey jam going on over at the Drawing Board, and I had to join in the fun!

First we have King Kong smacking around a T-Rex, as he's prone to do on occasion.

Next we have the intrepid secret agent, Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp! I used to love to watch that
show when I was a little kid and the old repeats would sometimes come on. (If you've never heard of it, it was a live action show from the 60's, star
ring real chimps...quite corny as I remember).

And just for fun, here are the sketches as their original, uncolored form:

I have a couple of other possible monkey-themed sketches in the works. Assuming I get around to finishing them, the Blog-O! may see some more monkey business in the near future.


DICK! said...

Monkies are awesome! I'm not aware of this Lance Link character, but he looks an awful lot like DCs Detective Chimp... Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Goobeetsablog said...

you never stop!

very inspiring to see so much good stuff.