Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Muddles

Well, I'm finally making a new post, so now when you check the blog, the Joker's ugly mug won't have to be the very first thing you see anymore.

This update comes from another commission from my buddy Richard for a project at the church. He wrote a Dr. Seuss-style poem about creatures called Muddles and asked for a few illustrations to go along with it. I've been in more or less a creative slump lately, so it was a bit hard for me to throw myself fully into this project. I'm afraid the final art might've suffered a little bit because of it (oh, the poor trees that gave their lives for the many pages I threw away just trying to come up with something usable!) But hopefully things turned out well enough in the end.

The actual project he's working on will be either video, or a combination of live and video (I'm not even sure), so the illustrations will likely have audio narration rather than text on the image as I've done here on the blog. I just threw that on there because I fig
ured the art would make more sense to you if it were put in context. Anyway, enjoy. Hopefully I'll be back on a more steady pace before too much more of a delay!



Goobeetsablog said...

looks good.

slumps are just a way for artists to get sympathy. (Hey It worked for me.)

Now Get back to work:)

Alina Chau said...

Love it!! beautiful and so cute!

DICK! said...

Wonderful! The actual presentation will be a mix of a Live storyteller and an animated background of images. It'll be great. And Andrew, you left out a line of the poem at the end. Actually you kinda merged two lines together. But no biggie. Who cares.

Andrew said...

Thanks to all for the comments and encouragement.

And OOPS, it looks like I did originally mesh two of the last lines into one! How'd that happen? At any rate, I've corrected that mistake.

Alkyoni said...

very god :)