Thursday, March 15, 2007

Heydaze: Dana

I haven't done a Heydaze comic in quite a while, so here's quick one I slapped together the other day. It's so utterly pointless it's sure to leave you asking, "Why did you do one now!?"



DICK! said...

Awesome! I LOLed. The way you are drawing Drew is a different style for you, no?

Anonymous said...

The first floor and exterior shots of the opening sequence were filmed at the actual New York Public Library- but the basement scenes were filmed at Stanford University.

fun comic (somehow I can relate)

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments, gang.

Dick: If Drew is a different style than usual, it must just be some sort of natural evolution since I haven't done a "Heydaze" in a few months. Nothing intentional.

Brian: Thanks for the Ghostbusters trivia...nice to know I'm not the only movie nerd.