Friday, May 04, 2007

SPIDER-WEEK (part three): Sandman

Well, I just returned from the midnight premier of "Spider-Man 3". It's too early (and I'm too sleepy) to pass full judgment at this time. Initial reaction in brief is that it's definitely a good, fun Spidey movie, but there are definite weak points that I wasn't expecting. I think I can safely say I like #2 better, but I need time to chew on it a bit. And to see it again.

Anyway, we now wrap up Spider-Week on the blog with Spidey vs. Sandman. Enjoy. Zzzzzz.....



Anonymous said...

2 was really good.
Alfred Molina did a great job,
and Raimi crossed over into camp
a few times.

nice wrap-up image.
the same building as last time though?

Andrew said...

Thanks Brian.

Raimi crossed over into camp a few times in this one, too, and they were some of the absolute highlight moments in the movie! But still, 2's better overall.

DICK! said...

Great Image! After seeing 3 for a second time, I definitely like it better than my initial viewing. I probably put it right up there with 2 after giving it another go. It's close, anyway.

Andrew said...

Dick!: I agree. I enjoyed my second viewing much more than the first. I still think 2 is my favorite, but by a much more narrow margin now than before.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Sandman was always one of my favorite bad guys as a kid !! Very cool work !!!