Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Animal Cast

Long-time Blog-O! viewers will probably recognize these characters (or versions of them). I've periodically posted sketches and doodles which featured them. Here I've put together a casting call of the characters in question. This was purely for my amusement; a sort of exercise to further develop the characters.

No, this does not mean an actual comic from me is imminent (long-time viewers will have learned that by now, too). And if there is a comic, the looks and names may still change yet. But I thought you might enjoy seeing this anyway.

Any feedback any
one has as to whether these characters are shaping up to be appealing or not is always welcome.


Also, I recently had the honor of seeing Jenn & Bueno interpreted by yet another of my fellow Drawing Board members, Patrick J. Crawley. Here's his interpretation:


DICK! said...

I always love your characters... I do wish we could see something sequential...

Goobeetsablog said...

blah blah blah
do it already!

you're losing the buzz!!!
I love these characters.

Apparently they reinterpreted
the design, characters, and general
idea. I would say this bares no resemblance to Jenn or Bueno.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments, fellas. Glad you like the character designs. Maybe I really will take action with them sooner rather than later!

Brian: Yeah, the Jenn & Bueno art is an extreme departure from their usual appearance. But it was still fun (and surprising) to see someone else make their own interpretation.

PaulSketch said...

yeah seeing that line up of characters in something would be awesome!!

Chris_Garrison said...

I love these! I love that the goat has sideways pupils, like a real goat. And I love the name Fortinbras for the fat gator. I don't know about his belly color fading into the dark green, though. Maybe it should change abruptly, since there's no airbrushy stuff on any other characters.

More girl characters, please! And yes, you should do a comic book style story with them or something soon.

Regarding the Crawley take on Jenn and Bueno, I'm not wild about it, but the idea of the dog peeing standing up is great. She should be saying, "Why can't I have a normal dog, like everyone else?"

Anonymous said...

My favorite two are red fox and yellow rabbit, they show a lot of personality. I think they'd be good together as a duo comedy. Just imho. =)

Red fox would be the smart clever one. Yellow rabbit would be slightly slower, somewhat like a Patrick from Spongebob (but maybe not that slow lol).