Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jenn & Bueno: Paper Puppets

I was recently inspired when Goobeetsa showcased some Alice in Wonderland paper puppets he had made. The end result were these Jennifer & Bueno paper puppets! Jenn stands about 8 1/2" tall, while Bueno is about 5 1/2". The background was printed from an old Jenn & Bueno illustration, and then I scanned them together in front of it. Enjoy!


One thing I learned from this experience is that when you go to purchase brads (which the puppets joints are held with), you're better off if you already know where they're located. I couldn't find them in my local Hobby Lobby, so I had to ask an employee. Turns out no one knew what a "brad" was...and that's when I learned it's very difficult to explain a brad to someone who doesn't know what one is! Turns out the best bet is to tell them it's like the clasp on a manila envelope, but without the envelope attached to it...then they can take you straight to the brads! :)


Anonymous said...

try buying them in bulk:)

nicely done
these are awesome!

DICK! said...

These are the most awesome things ever. EVER. I want one. set. Of 2. And, BTW, you know Jessica couldve told you EXACTLY where the brads were. You just didn't want to call.

Anonymous said...

That looks tedious/very detailed, good job! Glad to see you've been drawing more.

Don't forget The Office finale coming up!

The Mighty L

Andrew said...

Thanks to all for the comments!

Dick: I'll print you the templates and give you some brads the next time I see you then! (And, d'oh!, I didn't think about Jessica knowing Hobby Lobbies so well)

Mighty L: The tedious part was cutting out all the shapes once they were printed! My hand was sore the entirety of the next day!

--The Nigh-Invulnerable A

Dan szilagyi said...

dude, those look sweet! i like the fact that you can touch and hold them!

great work!

Anonymous said...

I like

disjointedness don't


What if

you tookthem
piled all of their
know that Jen looks

funny with dog legs
? Good
idea they
are fun to play


Jessica said...

I had pretty shiny brands I could've given ya! =)