Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jenn & Buneo: Hellhound

I know the title says "Jenn and Bueno", but really Bueno's got it on his own for this one. Actually, my friend Courtney had the idea to draw Bueno in a Hellboy spoof quite some time ago...but she never did it! Since I've been doing a lot of Jenn & Bueno spoofs inspired by the 2008 summer movie season, I thought I'd take the spoof into my own hands with the release of Hellboy II. Enjoy!

Also, the past two or three posts I got sloppy about leaving "thank you's" to those who post responses to the art (both of you!)...but as always I do appreciate all you viewers and commenters!



DICK! said...

I like it! I saw Hellboy 2 and Wall-e this weekend. I liked them both very well. I enjoyed Hellboy immensely for what it was (kind of like the first one), and Wall-e was excellent, if a bit heavy handed. I need to see hancock and next up is Batman.

Andrew said...

Thankee. I agree on Hellboy 2, I liked it in the same way I liked the first one, but thought it was better. While I usually despise preachiness or heavy-handedness in entertainment (whatever the views), I thought WALL-E balanced out it's message pretty well so it didn't bother me...or maybe I just liked the movie so much I didn't care. I'll be seeing it again tonight! And, much like a damsel in distress, I think Batman can't get here soon enough.

Goobeetsablog said...


the Studio Bueno Tradition

Andrew said...

I have my own tradition now!