Monday, April 13, 2009

A Futuristic Farewell

My friend Courtney is packing up and leaving her friends in Alabama to move back home to Florida! So I Futurama-fied a few of us as a going away present. Yeah, I'm Bender. Even though I'm really fairly non-Benderish most of the time. Enjoy!


A little picture of the framed final product:

And here's the very nerdily cool cake we had!
(Melissa gets credit for the idea and Edgar's get credit
for the cake--I just couldn't resist posting it here)


Goobeetsablog said...

very thoughtful.

and beats the old swift kick in
the ...well you get the idea:)

the cake- chocolate or vanilla?
or turtle?

Andrew said...

Ha ha ha...while turtle would have been very apropos, the cake was vanilla.

DICK! said...

Bloggings am makings me hungry. I am makings love on this simsons cartoon future. Makings me smil.