Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heydaze: The Movie Pitch

This is based on an actual encounter a friend and I had with a gentleman on the streets of Atlanta back in April.

While I adapted the scenario for the comic and had to paraphrase the man's words from memory, I have added nothing to the man's ideas. They are his own. And I thought since his lively story will likely never see the light of day, the least I could do is bring it to a tiny audience in comic form.



Goobeetsablog said...


that's really messed up.
So you know Jenn in real life?
Bueno too?

I like how the cocaine trade of
80's somehow made it in there...

Andrew said...

Ha ha...sadly I don't know either Jenn or Bueno in real life (though as I'm sure you know, the creations in one's head can seem real enough). This actually happened to my friend Eric and I. I just adapted it into the Heydaze universe because everyone there is more fun than me.

I too was baffled at how the cocaine trade of the 80's would play into this. But my favorite part of the real incident was that he flagged us down because of "Back to the Future" but immediately began talking about "Robocop 3" instead.

DICK! said...

Sorry for not commenting in a little while, but all these posts are bangin'. Especially this one! I would've loved being there! Wow!