Sunday, August 09, 2009

Jenn & Bueno: Pool Party

Yet another summertime piece! This time the rarely seen Heidi joins Jenn & Bueno for some fun in the pool (because what other female character have I yet established in J&B's universe?)

This was inspired by a photo in the newspaper a few weeks ago of some kids playing in the pool. I liked the shot, so decided to adapt it for a J&B piece. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

I like how Bueno is lost in
his own little swimming world

so where does Heidi live in the
universe? Do they work together?
and what of Sam?

that pool looks refreshing

Andrew said...

Thankee, kind sir!

Don't get me talking about my universes or I might ramble.

Heidi is a holdover from the comics I used to do in high school/college. She and Sam (and two other girls) are in an all-girl garage band, Marvelous Pigs In Satin. She's can be (or maybe just IS) a bit of an obnoxious drama queen. These things remain true from the old comics.

In modern "Heydaze" continuity, Heidi is Drew's younger sister (and even though Drew is extremely loosely based off me, Heidi is inspired by no real acquaintances).

Since Jenn is longtime friends with Drew (they've grown up together), she is, by proxy, friends with Heidi. They got along pretty well as small kids, but as young adults their temperaments are extremely different, so they're no longer very close, and would in fact kill each other if given too much exposure....

...Which is unfortunate, because if I ever actually write full stories with these characters, they're more than likely gonna be stuck as roommates for a period.

DICK! said...

I love all your newer stuff, Andy-roo. Stopping by to say, "hi."