Monday, June 21, 2010

High School Heroes: Rogues Gallery

The High School Heroes series continues with the seventh and final (at least for now) installment. This week we take a departure from the heroes themselves to have a look at some of their arch enemies. This illustration represents a sampling of of the villains who went up against the varied heroes you've seen represented in the series. (One character, Dr. Buck Buckum, was actually created years later, but he fits in so well, I included him in the group).


I hope you've all enjoyed this re-imagined look back at the superheroes from my teenage years (and beyond) as much as I enjoyed putting it together! I may tackle a few other past characters later on, or even come back for more visits with some of these others, now that you've met them...


Chris_Garrison said...

Awesome! Copperhead is hilarious, and I love Red and Yellow. Now you should start on a new adventure -- Saturn vs. the Oids, or the Mighty Mr. Nice Guy vs. Lumberjack Jack, or something like that.

Or just start cooking up some new, post-high school heroes.

I have a lot of high school heroes that I could revive, too, but I think I'll wait a few more decades. And our fellow SHC Tim Hollis has some high school heroes of his own, in very much the same spirit as yours and mine, on his SHC page.

Anonymous said...

wonderful gallery.
in concept and arrangement