Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jenn & Bueno: Zombies!

It's October and as we gear up for Halloween, Jenn & Bueno are getting in the spirit of things with ZOMBIES! More Halloween-inspired Jenn & Bueno illustrations to come throughout the month. Enjoy!



Goobeetsablog said...

nice "drive-thru classic" feel

a like the pairing of images

Andrew said...

Thanks. Glad you like the pairing as well. I almost did them for posting at separate times but got the two-in-one idea during the process.

Eric said...

Love this! Wish I had a print of it to hang in my new apartment for Hallowe'en. However you left out the all important third option: they are only pretending to be zombies in order to survive, a la Shaun of the Dead

Andrew said...

How do you know they AREN'T just pretending to be zombies??? They just...took the time to go extremely elaborate with their disguises...right!

And of course prints are easily available for anything.