Monday, June 06, 2011

Commission: Power Girl & Terra: Lunch Break

A recent fan commission of Power Girl and Terra enjoying a lunch break (I'm sure when you're super powered, you burn enough calories to get away with eating all kinds of fast food while still maintaining your figure!) Enjoy!


One thing that makes this a little different than the usual piece from me is that I put the colors directly on the original sketch. Usually I either ink the original, or redo it with tighter, cleaner pencil lines...but for whatever reason I liked the sketchier effect here.

Power Girl & Terra © DC Comics


Chris_Garrison said...

Wow, this one's great all around. The drawings are super sweet, and I think the simple shading you added did a whole lot of good, too.

The pencil finish is nice, too. Something similar happened on my most recent strip (the Zoo Laffs pinup of 6/5/2011). I scanned in the pencil with the plan of inking it in Manga Studio. But I started tinkering around with gray tones on it, in PhotoShop, and decided it looked pretty good. So I skipped the ink and saved myself some time.

Oh, in case you didn't get my email -- you're invited to do a guest strip on Zoo Laffs!

Andrew said...

Thanks, Chris! Glad you like it!

It's fun sometimes to shake things up with the process I suppose! Inking's not my strong suit, so I tend to prefer my sketches...but they're such a pain to clean up in Photoshop that I often opt for inks anyway if I'm going to color it (or at least a cleaner pencil drawing).

I did get your e-mail and have been meaning to respond. I'd very much like to do a guest strip. If I can get caught up on my current batch of commissions I'd like to try to come up with an idea for you!

Anonymous said...

color over pencils
has a certain charm.

strange concept
solid drawing

Andrew said...

Thanks, Brian!

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