Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Another piece done for a thread on the Drawing Board. I actually didn't expect I'd ever do an illustration of Jor-El, father of Kal-El, of all people. And yet here it is! I've also included a sketch of a very obscure version of Jor-El....the country bumpkin Jor-El. Oh, no, it's true! He existed! I promise! It was pre- "Crisis" or something like that....



DICK! said...

I like them both, but i like Hayseed Jor El better. "Nothing runs like an interplanetary escape vehicle for an infant destined to become the greatest hero of all time." Just a motto for Jor Deere.

Andrew said...

An apropos motto indeed!
Also, I now realize I spelled Jor Deere without the "e" on the cap.
Oh well.
I guess "z" came along and ate it.

DICK! said...

Hahaha! Z eats Es. Fo' sho'!