Thursday, February 23, 2006

The (New) First Post...

I actually started the Studio Bueno Studio Blog-O! over on LiveJournal about a week ago, but have now decided to relocate here (for no reason in particular). Anyone who cares to see the things that were posted during that first week at the old location can visit the original Studio Blog-O! to catch up. All new and future posts will be found here. And anyone stumbling upon this blog for the first time might want to check out the official Studio Bueno homepage for the "official" collection of Andrew artings.

To kick off the new blog we have a couple of pages of completely random sketches. No purpose, pattern, or reason for them. Just doodling about....which is probably what you'll mostly see around here anyway.

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DICK! said...

I am, of course, the first to comment on this site as well! But I actually have a login here! Huzzah!