Wednesday, May 03, 2006


No, it's not a bad country song about the newst addition to your growing roster of former wives, but rather it's Marvel's female answer to the ever-popular Wolverine, X-23! I'm actually not very familiar with this character, other than a general knowledge of her existence, but I drew this piece for a Character Jam on the Drawing Board. Here you have it, with original pencils included as usual.


Goobeetsablog said...


I like the bit of environment as well
reminds me of the apartment complex I lived in while in Baltimore:)

Really like the blue highlights too.
I need to make a piece for that thread. Attractive woman + claws....


Scott Tolleson said...

Cool piece Andrew. She's really shiny!

'Ric said...

Not that I know anything about art per se .. but I love the background shading and general feel of this piece. By the way, she is the spitting image of the character Ana Lucia (a/k/a Michelle Rodriguez) on LOST. You should check that out...

Hope you had a good time w/Dick 2nite. I left some more comments on the other pics, but you are turning out some really great stuff!

Andrew said...

Thanks much for the comments everyone! condolences if that environment was ever your apartment! You definitely should join in on the thread.

Scott....she's shiny indeed!

'Ric...being that person who hasn't started watching Lost yet, I obviously am unaware of the resmblance, but as you said, I should check it out. Thanks for checking the art out.

DICK! said...

Heh. 'ric said to have fun with Dick. Heh.

X-23 turned out pretty good!