Monday, May 01, 2006

You're Invited to a BAT-B-Q!

It was about time for a silly Batman drawing. I think this one qualifies. This one was a lot of fun to well as a lot of WORK compared to my usually far less involved pieces (I often tend to shy away from overly time-intensive projects, as my nature is to get bored and want to move on to the next one before I'm done). Overall I'd say I'm happy with the end results, though I may do a bit of tweaking on some of the colors when I get a chance, per suggestions that have been made to me. But as I'm not getting around to that tonight, here it is as is....the Bat-B-Q in all its glory!!! (I've also included the pencil prelims, which are actually several different drawings collaged together to make the final).


DICK! said...

Very Cool! I particularly like the way everyone is kind of in their element, especially the Riddler. That one is tricky for anyone!

And Poison Ivy's horror over Harley Quinn's salad is also great!

Goobeetsablog said...

Didn't even make the connection.
With Robin and Catwoman... until now.

that is really clever, and evil.
Just spotted clayface too.

Really cool.

Jessica said...

Cool!! I also liked the riddler and the 6buns & 8 hotdogs. Funny.

Andrew said...

Thank for the comments, gang! (Yes, I just called you "gang". No, I don't know why).
Anyhoo, glad you all liked it, and glad to hear it's even got little details that can be missed the first time around...that's kinda what I was hoping for when I packed it so full.

And yes, it's rather satisfying to finally see the Riddler stumped.

shaggy said...

That is cool. I can't pick just one thing to comment on, so i'll just say its all pretty sweet.