Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Trip To The Zoo...

Yes, I know this is a "SKETCH" blog....and those of you (both of you!) who visit come to see my artings and not my personal photo albums. But I went to the Birmingham Zoo today with my friend Rachel and I got a few decent pictures, so I thought I'd share them here just because I can. You're a captive audience (so long as I don't tell you about the "back button" on your browser)! I've posted a handful of favorites as thumbnails, and to avoid clutter I will include the rest of the bunch as text links. Those of you who view all of them will have little trouble figuring out that primates, especially the mighty gorilla, are my indesputable favorite! Hope you enjoy, and back with more actual art very soon!

Here are the pictures not shown above:
No Swimming!
Large Gator
The Sleeping Monkeys Again
Some Tiny Primates
Big Babboon and Little Babboon
Big Babboon sits alone
Gorilla Stands Proud
Gorilla plays with Straw (pt.1)
Gorilla plays with Straw (pt.2)
Gorilla plays with Straw (pt.3)
Gorilla plays with Straw (pt.4)
Okay, Gorilla's satisfied with the Straw now.
All of the fish in this aquarium were dead. No kidding.
Sleepy Tiger
Special Limited-Time Exhibit: Albino Alligator (bad picture)
Special Limited-Time Exhibit: Albino Alligator (creepy picture)


Jessica said...

I enjoyed seeing your zoo pictures. You have some really good ones! I love the sleeping monkeys. You went on a good day at a good time when the animals were actually veiwable!!! Keep on posting those kind of pics too! =)
We have to take Cailey to the zoo sometime soon!

DICK! said...

Sweet Pics! I'm especially fond of the Gorilla with straw sequence!

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments, glad you enjoyed the pictures. I also got a little video clip of the gorilla tossing the straw about. I'm such a geek for gorillas. (And thus a new T-shirt slogan is born!)

Goobeetsablog said...

Nice pictures.

It must have been a zoo weekend
I went to the Roger Williams Park Zoo (Providence, RI) on Saturday.

Looks like you had a fun time there.
Either you have a good zoom on your camera, or your one of the zookeepers.

The gorilla images are great. Also like the white tiger.


Andrew said...

Thanks, Brian. Yeah, it sounds like it was a zoo weekend all around. Must be something in the water. Heh..unfortunately I'm not a was a combination of a good zoom and the fact that most of the animals in the pictures I posted were viewed through glass windows, and they happened to be fairly near the glass to start with.