Saturday, April 01, 2006

Red-headed Twins

I actually drew this a few weeks ago for a "Redheads" thread on the Drawing Board. Never got around to posting it here, nor has it made it to my website yet, so it is today's blog update. And that, my friend, is no April fool.


DICK! said...

I, of course, like anything to do with redheads. And girls aren;t bad either! ZING!

Goobeetsablog said...

I remember seeing this piece in the redheads thread- but never commented- for lack of my own drawing to post.

So I'll say now, what I thought then.
I really enjoy how you went further than drawing a pretty girl and created a concept,(and a funny one) around the theme.


Andrew said...

Yes, Dick, I know the redheads have always done it for you (wait a minute...that could sound really bad taken out of context...)
And thanks, Brian, glad you liked it. I started to just do a quick sketch of a girl for that thread, but it felt to "blah", so I waited until I came up with a unique angle for it.