Monday, January 29, 2007

Creed Commish

I recently received an e-mail fan commission from someone wanting a picture of themselves punching out Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies. (I'm sure my ability to capture likeness and such is in its usual state of mediocrity here, but what're ya gonna do?)

Just remember, folks, I don't always come up with them. Sometimes I just draw them. :)



DICK! said...

Awesome! Can you draw an image of me punching out Rod Parsley?

Goobeetsablog said...

if there wasn't much hassle
and some money- what's the harm?

Creed looks good. That guy looks
like a geek- D&D/computer programmer

Andrew said...

dick!: Bwah ha ha ha ha ha! But no. "Just in case".

Brian: Oh, there's certainly no harm in commissions at all, I like 'em. You just never know what you're gonna end up drawing!

Thanks for the comments, guys.