Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This bizarre piece is the result of a drawing exercise I picked up from Goobeetsa's newest blog. I closed my eyes and scribbled randomly on a piece of paper. Then I opened my eyes and tried to pick out objects found among the confusion. And, finally, I created a finished piece of art (or so-called) from what I had found. Explain THIS, Mr. Rorschach!

It was actually a fun exercise, and one I plan to play more with in the future (I've got a couple of others already in the works).


Here's the original scribbles (with the shapes I found outlined for clarity) and the final result:

And the original pencils for the final product:


DICK! said...

freaking awesome! reminds me of the game we used to play where I would scribble and you'd draw insanity from that. Instant fun!

GhettoFab said...

dood I love the choice you made with this project! Excellent!

PaulSketch said...

goobeetsa is very inspirational! I love how creative you got with this, awesome illustration!!

Anonymous said...

(wiping away the tears)

That is truely awesome.
You took the simple idea (that I probably stole) and created something uniquely yours.

it's wicked.

aintshakespeare said...

This is very cool. The green guy in the fish-car needs to change his radio station. Those horrible monsters coming out of his ears are essentially the result of Easy Listening. The effects are long term.

Good colors. Interesting vision. I like the way the snail is reading about the blue monster, but he is just as annoying to the green thing. Funny.

Jen (sweetestpea) said...

You know you're just encouraging him by doing this Andrew...

Nice job, by the way.

Andrew said...

Wow, thanks everyone!

Glad to know you liked the results. Like I said in the post, there are at least a couple of other similarly inspired pieces in the works...hopefully they'll be enjoyable as well.