Thursday, July 19, 2007

Heydaze: Potter Party!

I know I said in the previous post that there'd be a new Jennifer & Bueno comic up later this week...but I've postponed that comic in favor of this one I've just done. The other one I was referring to will come next week. (And Jenn & Bueno are in this current one too, so you still get to see them...because I know that' important to you or something...)

As anyone not living under a rock knows, the world has once again been swept by Harry Potter Mania as the seventh and final book is released this weekend. I decided it was only fair that the characters in my seldom-done comic, Heydaze, should experience the fun as well. This was sort of a last minute idea, so the art remains in original black-and-white pencil form so I could get it done while it was still relevant. Of course most of you seem to enjoy my pencils best anyway, so there you go. Enjoy!



Alina Chau said...

HA!! HA!! Brilliant!! I am a Potter fan, can totally relate to the excitment!!

aintshakespeare said...

Yay! Off with the heads of any spoilers!

Excellent comic. And I like your colors.

DICK! said...

Good. Have you finished it yet???? I have...

Goobeetsablog said...

Jen-(not Jenn) bought the book
at 12:01- and read it non-stop

Your comics are so tight-
the drawing, expression and
pacing- are great

Friday Night
Portland,ME jumped on the mania
and converted all the local businesses into locations from the book- the local pub became the leaky cauldron, the mayor was renamed the minister of magic etc.


Andrew said...

Thanks to all for the comments!

Dick: Indeed I finished it. But you know that already now.

Brian: Glad you like the comic. I got my book at 12:01am (in costume, no less) and read (almost) non-stop as well. Soooo good.

That Portland, ME, idea sounds great!

g. said...

Nice work. I love it. Really funny!