Monday, June 16, 2008

Teen Drew

A recent thread on the Drawing Board centered around drawing yourself as a teenager. I started this one for that thread and actually let it sit a while before finishing it up. But it's finally done, so travel with me now--if you dare--all the way back to the mid-nineties, for a look at...TEENAGE ANDREW!

(And Muppet fans don't forget to scroll down to see the other new Blog-O! post for today.)


DICK! said...

Awwwww! I have known and loved both of these! How romantic... and acurate drawings!

Anonymous said...

a lovely critique

Dan szilagyi said...

dude, love the insecptor gadget post! little mermaid one looks nice too.
great job on these!


Anonymous said...

How cute! It looks like only your t-shirt and glasses change, same love of drawing. Is the character Drew you as a boy?

Mighty L

Andrew said...

Thanks to all for the comments!

Mighty L: The character Drew is closer to me now than me as a boy, both in age and personality.

Chris_Garrison said...

I want to see a new piece with the blonde and the cat! .. I like the detail of the pen inside the spiral of the notebook .. I, too, always had my T-shirt tucked in in high school. Such a pity.