Sunday, September 20, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole...Again

I did this for a "Grown Up Alice" themed Art Jam I discovered on deviantART. Being a fan of all things Wonderland, I couldn't resist participating. Apparently Alice's taste in clothing never changes.

Enjoy, and don't forget to check out the Jenn & Bueno sketch comic that was the bonus weekend update, for those who havent' seen it yet.



Anonymous said...


nice format for this image
lovely detail

Naija Gurl said...

Do you use Photoshop/Gimp to color and a graphic tablet? be cuz that is to good for color pencils, markers, or pastels.

I am 14yrs old, I am a High School Sophomore and I discovered your site 2-3 yrs ago(then I forgot about and re-found it today). I wanna make my pictures like yours( the coloring only!). You inspired me to create a characters like Jennifer and Bueno...well actually I already made a characters like them but that last year, but I threw the Idea away. My characters name were Nell and Lucky+ a bunch of Nells friends.
Anyways, You actually inspired me to search for how to color like you did and I finally found it now I need to learn how to use it!!Can you explain to me like where to add shadows/wrinkles on clothes so my cartoon won't look flat.

Andrew said...

Naija Gurl, thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you find something inspiring in my work.

Yes, pretty much all of my coloring is done in Photoshop. I don't use a tablet though, just a plain old mouse.

There are many different variations and techniques for coloring in Photoshop, and it's too lengthy a process to describe it all here. If you google something like "coloring line art in Photoshop" you should be able to find a lot of tutorials out there describing various techniques. There are also a lot of different tutorials in the deviantART community if you run a similar search on that site. Looking up and learning from various online Photoshop tutorials is the way I taught myself how to use it years ago. To get you started, here is a link to one of the first tutorials I found years has a lot of sections from scanning to coloring, etc.

(But be sure to search on your own as well--you can find all sorts of stuff!)

Good luck!

Naija Gurl said...

I actually have and i still do!! I am a cartoonist myself. I can draw anime, western, folk, and a little realistic. I am currently trying to buy a graphic tablet(cheap ones r on and they r good)so i can do it faster and easier, and i am trying to buy a laptop(newspaper ads).......i lost the point.....anyways i am currentlt on a practice break just trying to find techniques like you said. I wanted to start a comic to and i did last year but i did u get the template for the jenn & bueno short comics!

Naija Gurl said...

That reminds me! How much is it to make a domain name?

Anonymous said...

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Andrew said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA! And I was trying to be nice, B!

DICK! said...

Love the Alice... and the mockery from Brian. Nice.

Anonymous said...
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artilue said...

funny how a girl can be more concerned with holding down her skirt than whats going to happen when she hits the bottom ;)Nice work

Anonymous said...

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