Monday, September 14, 2009

Jenn & Bueno: Joysticks

Here we have some retro gaming with Jenn & Bueno! Jenn's pose was taken from a photo reference used in a Drawing Jam on the Drawing Board. As usual, I had to take the idea and turn it into something for this duo. Enjoy!



Chris_Garrison said...

Excellent retro room styling, with the paneling and golden shag carpet.

The joysticks look like the ones I had for my Commodore 64, but it didn't have cartridges. It had the big floppy disks.

I'm pressing my eyeball against the screen, trying to read the game titles. X-Bert? Dig Dog? What are the other two?

Andrew said...

Thank you, Chris! Glad you like the way this one turned out.

The games besides X-Bert and Dig Dog are Meteors and, in a stroke of absolute creative genius...."Ping Pong".

Eric said...

I agree with Chris about the paneling. This could be in my the basement of my childhood home. Also, nice kneesocks. But all in all, I really like this piece. There's something about those simple gaming systems and the joysticks, especially, that make me feel a little carefree, and like a kid again.

Naija Gurl said...

Is jennifer in college? How old is she??

Andrew said...

Jenn is roughly college age...somewhere in her early-to-mid twenties. I've never really specified an exact age for her.