Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Neil Gaiman in Alabama

On February 18, some fortunate friends and I got to see author extraordinaire, Neil Gaiman, on his first trip to Alabama. He spoke at the Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa, presented by the Creative Campus of the University of Alabama.

There's really no particular point to making a blog entry about this, except to say that it was a very exceptional evening, and I figure at least some of the sort who regularly visit here likely enjoy Gaiman's work. At our event he read three short stories an
d a few select poems before spending some time answering several of the questions (including mine) from the heaping pile of index cards he'd received. He was personable (as much as one can be so from a stage), charming, witty, and generally entertaining. In addition to said entertainment, the evening was incredibly inspiring from a creative standpoint.

His work alone had earned him my admiration and respect long be
fore this, but now it's increased that much more. If Neil Gaiman ever happens to be in your general area, you should definitely attempt to attend!

Here's a link to Neil's own blog entry about his experience in Tuscaloosa.


(Apologies to Lisa, who took this picture and therefore is not in it, but was very much a part of the evening!)

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