Sunday, August 22, 2010

Influence Map

This is a meme that's making the rounds through the deviantART community at the moment. I couldn't resist it.

Like anyone else, my influences and inspirations are far too numerous to count. This only reflects a small portion of those artists & things that form the DNA of my Muse. Apologies to the hundreds that wouldn't fit on this page. Enjoy!



Goobeetsablog said...

I like the design.
It's a museum quality poster
(I'm really not joking)

Glad to see Henson in there:)
But where's Anne Geddess?

Andrew said...

Thanks...when I got the blank template I thought this would be a way to kill an hour. I ended up killing most of a Sunday playing around with it. A little obsessive perhaps, but at least I apparently made it look purdy.

Henson is a MUST. He should probably be in one of the bigger boxes, influence-wise.

I had to google Anne Geddess. But I recognized the photography. Recognized it and laughed and laughed. :)

Mighty L said...

Love this.. some of my (and Aut's!) favorites are on there too... I also see some of the inspiration to your amazing Halloween costumes.