Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jenn & Bueno: JUMP!

This action-packed image of Jenn & Bueno was whipped up to be a sort of general purpose illustration. Among those purposes, it has (obviously) been used to change the look of the blog again, as well as for some mild updates to the regular Studio Bueno site. Hope you like it and enjoy!


The picture is also being used on T-shirts in my Cafe Press store. Honestly, I'm still waiting to receive my first shirt in the mail to make sure they truly look the way I intended, but if you ever get the itch for a J&B shirt, there should be some now!


Chris_Garrison said...

The new bg looks like a Campbell's Soup Can!

Andrew said...

Ha ha ha! It does, doesn't it? You almost make me want to push it a little further and make it an all-out spoof...