Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weird Al!

I'm a (nearly) lifelong "Weird Al" Yankovic fan. I've even met the man, if you'll permit me to brag. Between his recent new album, an upcoming concert in Atlanta, and seeing another artist's recent fan art, I decided it was about time I do my own take on the master of weird. Enjoy!


Doing this reminded me that I used to give Weird Al frequent cameo appearances
in the comics I drew throughout high school ("The Cat", a.k.a., "Moundsville").
I dug out some examples so I could
share them here.

My high school days just slightly predated the rise of the Internet (I'm oldish),
so I didn't have the means to share my comics with the world back then. Given that only a tiny
handful of friends would ever really see them, I was content to just sketch them quickly in
notebooks, going more for quantity than quality. Between that and the simple fact
that my art sucked more back then, these aren't pretty to look at.

(Also, I apologize for the poor scan quality. The notebooks these are drawn in
are aging and fading a bit, and the pages are crinkly with the weight of all the pencil!)


Anonymous said...

I like.

What, no Mc Skat Kat?

Andrew said...


And that's kind of weird you mentioned MC Skat Kat...
...how did you know I had a thing for Paula Abdul during my adolescence?!