Monday, July 17, 2006

New Avatar, Random Doodles, and some Bueno Fan Art!

Before we get started with the "official" post this time around, please direct your attention to my new avatar! I got inspired to play around with animated gifs this weekend and decided to revise my couple-of-year-old Bueno icon. Please let me know what you think.

Now, on to the other goodies...

It seems the past several posts I've made have been finished pieces, or at least polished-up sketches. So I decided it was time to delve into my increasing stack of most recent random doodles for your viewing pleasure. And this post features the first samplings out of the lastest stuff I've scanned in.

First, we have some more "Missing
Lincoln" character doodles and a random monkey.

Next we have a parrot, a girl with a strangely pointy head, another monkey, and some character doodles from the Wolf & Lamb comic you've heard mention of before.

And for dessert this time around, I'm sharing with you the very first "fan art" I've ever received featuring my own little site-mascot, Bueno. The following sketch comes to you via Courtney Kays of Green Rabbit Studio (who was obviously inspired by the recent "Pirates" craze).
And with that, I wrap up this post! More doodles (and other such artings) to come!


Goobeetsablog said...

More awesomeness.

your definitely quick with the pencil.
lots of good ideas here.


DICK! said...

YO! GREAT AVATAR! Everything on here is great... love them sketches. And fan art is cool. You have a fan.