Thursday, July 20, 2006

Old School

Back in my high school and early college days, when I cranked out a lot more actual comics than I do now, my most prominent character was a fellow (or rather a feline) named "The Cat". Naturally, a character with so creative a name is bound to continue to pop up in doodles from time to time.

He's been popping up some lately, and I've even considered doing a couple of short comics with he and some of his old co-stars just for nostalgia (though I'm sure an ample number of modern-day adjustments would be made). Whatever I do or don't do with the character in the future, here, for your amusement, are a few recent, rand
om doodles of...The Cat.

Another pair of my classic characters that date back even farther than TC is "Fatback & Skinny McLean". Anyone who has followed even my modern day cartoons on the web will likely be familiar with this duo since, unlike The Cat, they have continued to be in cartoons to this day. However it has been some time since I did the last one.

Since they're only stickmen (that's sort of the point), I don't often post doodles of them, as I imagine they aren't terribly exciting to look at apart from their scripted antics and environments. But here are a few recent doodles of them anyway, just in keeping with the old school spirit of this post.

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DICK! said...

Weird! Skinny looks... different somehow...