Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Fat Rabbit (& Other Doodles)

Well, the Character Meme from the previous post apparently had a rather positive effect on me, because I've been doodling and brainstorming characters ever since filling it out. A new character (yet another goofy animal) has even appeared, evolving from the sketches I made of the old character, "Robbie", for the "12 Characters" chart. You guys know me well enough by now to be a bit dubious of any of my comic-idea brainstorming, but this post contains more of it.

The newest character is, as the attached pictures will attest, a rather portly rabbit: He's proving to be fun to draw. Does he seem appealing enough otherwise?

I found myself at a bit of loss for what color he should be. I'm leaning towards yellow, but I also tried green and blue. What do you think?

And here's a series of some of the completely random doodles that have been done this week. You can see from the first sample that the rabbit was the traditional "Robbie" cat design and briefly a bear and monkey before I found myself drawing him as a rabbit and kind of found that sticking. He even ends up teaming up with Jenn and a few other characters throughout the doodles. Random and ridiculous ideas abound...


DICK! said...

Love 'em all. The Rabbit look suits Robbie perfectly! Definitely yellow on the color. You should keep this up, its as if I'm in high school or college again...

Goobeetsablog said...

I really like him.

I say green
If he lives in the city.

if he is standing in front of a lot of grass- he may get lost.

and since you asked about the design I think it is great. My only suggestion(if I can be so bold) is work with the silhouette a little. Maybe tuck that left leg back in a little and push the belly forward
to emphasize the bean shape you have going in the torso.

I look forward to a comic with all of these characters...SOON!

congratulations on comics for the magazine. I haven't seen them, but I heard they are really good.

Andrew said...

Dick: I feel like I'm in high school or college again as well, since it's been nearly as long since I've brainstromed so much about one single idea. Glad you like 'em.

Brian: Thanks for the input! I'll take your suggestions about the silhoutte into consideration. Glad you like him. He seems to have pretty good chemistry with Jenn & Bueno (and some others I want to use) in my head, so maybe that means something. A good central character to bring them together for some random weirdness.

Thanks also for the kind words about the magazine commission. I still haven't received the actual magazines, so I haven't seen the final results. But it's been fun working on them, and thanks for the tip that led to the opportunity!