Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life of Bill

Today's post is a financial comic depicting what happens in the life of a dollar bill. The comic was done for the Spring 2007 edition of U Magazine. The client was Big Blue Dot. Special thanks to Brian & Jen for this one! It was a fun project.


And for you enjoyers of the behind-the-scenes glimpse, here are some of the conceptual sketches I did for the client when developing how the comic would look.


DICK! said...

Finally I get to see it... Now Brian Gubicza doesn't get all the fun anymore...

Anonymous said...

What do you mean?
This is my first time seeing it.
seriously, I had only heard about it.

It looks great!!!
the george character is really appealing. Congratulations.

etsy treasury demo said...
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Jen said...

^sorry, I was logged in under a different account.

What I said: Thanks for all of your hard work Andrew! It helps to make my job easier.

Looking forward to more comics!

Andrew said...

Thanks to all! I'm glad you liked.

Jen: You're welcome, and I'm looking forward to more comics as well!