Monday, April 19, 2010

Commission: Trouble on the Tracks!

This was a recent fan commission in which the client's original character, Lady Lawful (the "Golden Age" version) is seen on a cover of her fictional comic book. Looks like she's in a little peril on the railroad tracks there! Ah, you gotta love the classics.

The basic premise was the client's, the design and corny text on the cover are all vintage me.

(And do yourself a favor and don't fail to notice there is more than one new post today!)



Goobeetsablog said...


I seem to remember a few other
commissions featuring some light bondage...

nice faded colors

Andrew said...

You do remember...and it's the same source.

Not that I'm complaining about light bondage or anything...

Eric said...

If this were 1983, my childhood crush Priscilla Barnes could play Lady Lawful in a made-for-TV movie. Just sayin'.

Butch Knouse said...

Priscilla Barnes was too skinny in 1983.