Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aubie Whiskavich

Wow! Busy week here at the Blog-O!

Here's some character sketches and designs for Aubie Whiskavich. He's actually a slight re-design of one of my oldest characters (from way back in the high school days), The Cat. (If you've followed the Blog-O! for very long, you've probably seen The Cat turn up here and there.)

I've been playing with some ideas for some comic shorts featuring Aubie Whiskavich and a mixture of other characters old and new. We'll see.

Beginning next week will be the first post of another project I've been working on, revisiting some of my oldest characters. Should be fun...for me at least! Enjoy Aubie for now!



Chris_Garrison said...

This is super-nice. I love his revamped design and his new name, very cool. It's hard to design a unique cat, but I think he is one. I'm eager to see some new comic experiments!

His shirt gave me this silly idea: He could come on as a new spokesman for Goldfish crackers, talking about how great they are, with the real flavor of goldfish. In the middle of the spot, he finds out they're cheese flavored, not goldfish flavored, so he gets mad and quits.

Andrew said...

Haha, that idea would make for a cute cartoon. My actual idea with his shirt was inspired by typical dry cat food shapes...I think it would be funny to have it randomly shape one moment, turkey leg shape next moment, random x or circle shape the next.

He does love real fish though. Historically he's been particularly obsessed with tuna.

Eric said...

Wow, is it ever good to see this guy? I had forgotten how entertaining is, and with such minimal subtext going on at that. I think naming him is good.