Sunday, April 25, 2010

Princess Gigglinoggin and Misschiff

Princess Gigglinoggin was supposed to just be a quickly sketched throwaway character because I was amused by the name (originally it was going to be two words, "Giggly Noggin"). I was surprised to find out that I actually learned a lot about her as she really came to life when I began sketching her. While I imagine she's a teenager or a young adult, she's got the naive mentality of a young child. A very petulant, spoiled young child. She's painfully silly whenever things are going her way, and just a pain when things aren't. There's more to her, I feel, but who knows if I'll pursue her any further or not. I hope you enjoy her!


I actually went so far as to have a poll so people could pick what manifestation a "Giggly Noggin" would take. Obviously the "crazy princess" option won out (handily). But there was one write-in vote for "pixie", which I hadn't thought of. I liked the idea so much I ended up drawing pixies too. And came up with this character. She came to life more than I expected as well. I dunno about her name, it's just the best I could come up with for now.


Chris_Garrison said...

Hey, I like these characters a lot! And they seem like they'd go well together (or go well pitted against one another), and like you could set up a pretty fun and creative universe around them.

Re: the princess, I prefer the bigger irises, jutting jaw, and rounded cheeks and chin in the main drawing to the sometimes smaller irises, regular-style jaw, and squared cheeks and chin in the surrounding sketches.

Re: Misschiff, I think she's great, but yeah, the name is just okay. I would say how about Trixie Pixie, but I'm guessing that if you google that, probably a bunch of other people are using it already for different things. How about some kind of magicky pun, like Abraca-Dabney? That's pretty bad, but you see what I mean.

Check out these rough comic layouts, if you like, and leave me some comments! I might take them down in a couple weeks:
Woo Sketches

Andrew said...

Thank you for the comments, Chris. I'm glad you find the characters appealing. I like them better than I expected to myself!

To be honest, "Misschiff" is not a name I'm crazy about either. I just wanted to give her a name before I posted it and that's what I came up with. I'm open to changing it and maybe something better will come along. Your assumption about googling "Trixie Pixie" is probably, I already have an old character named Trixie, and you never know when she may come up again.

Abraca-Dabney is almost so bad it's good. I kind of like it!

It's late right now, but I went over and bookmarked Woo sketches. Gonna give those a closer look tomorrow and leave some comments!

Chris_Garrison said...

Maybe Suzy Presto or something like that.

Chris_Garrison said...

What if she has a funny last name/magic word? i.e., her name is Nancy Sheboygan, and every time she flicks her wand, she says, "Sheboygan!"

Eric said...

I really love Gigglinoggin's scheming expression from the pencil sketches behind the main drawing.