Monday, May 10, 2010

High School Heroes: Captain Noose!

The High School Heroes series continues this week with Captain Noose! Captain Noose is almost certainly the weirdest and silliest of all the superheroes I ever created (which is saying a lot). I don't know what I can say that isn't explained in the art itself! Enjoy!


And here is a sample of how Captain Noose appeared back in the old days!


Anonymous said...


mr. ropeman:)

Andrew said...

Thanks, Brian, glad you like him! He remains one of my favorites of the old high school heroes characters simply because of his sheer silliness.

Eric said...

Captain Noose!!! I had forgotten, truly, about this guy. I really liked the self-referential TC/Trixie bit. And look, there's old-school "Melissa Stone". Is it okay to say her name here...?